Thyssenkrupp - stair lift

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A new stair lift concept

The guardian is a revolutionary stair walking support concept that has been developed during the Advanced Concept Design course at the TU Delft. The main disadvantage of current stair lifts is that they lead to less physical activity and thus to physical deterioration of elderly.


The current stair lift solutions simply immobilize a person, with elderly this will lead to rapid deterioration of their mobility. This is why The Guardian has been developed to adapted to the human locomotion and support the user while ascending or descending stairs instead of just lifting them up or down the stairs.

Working principle - Ascending

The Guardian is equipped with weight sensors. While ascending a stair the Guardian will:

Working principle - Descending

While descending the guardian works different than while ascending.

Ergonomics test

A simple model has been created to test the ergonomics of the stair lift and to determine if support somebody under the armpits will lead to unforeseen problems. The results of the test have been positive.


The stair lift is adjustable to fit 95% of the western elderly. The adjustment are done with a simple yet innovative dial.